Supersizing Solar: A Close Look at the Technology and Business Case for Large-Format Modules

Large-format modules, or LFMs, are one of the most intriguing solar product innovations in recent memory. PV cell and module innovation in general has been on a roll the past few years, as monocrystalline wafers have become the standard, and features such as cell-splitting and tiling, multi-busbar architectures and cell-to-cell interconnect schemes, bifaciality and other advancements have boosted efficiencies and module power ratings. 

But it’s large-format modules, with their significantly increased power output — and especially their potential to greatly reduce utility solar project construction costs — that have caught the eye of solar developers, EPCs and asset owners.

In this webinar, we’ve brought together experts from PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) and Greenbacker Renewable Energy to share their knowledge about what large-format modules will mean for solar developers, EPCs, and renewable energy owners.