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AC vs. DC-Integrated ESS:
Balancing Risk and Reward to
Achieve Project Goals

Hear from energy storage experts on the key aspects to
consider when comparing AC and DC-integrated energy storage
system options for your next project
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Level up your procurement results

Discover how Anza’s data, technology, and service platform can greatly improve your module and energy storage procurement outcomes.

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Solar module & battery storage procurement platform
See more options in less time
Increase project profits and productivity

Anza helps solar module and energy storage developers and IPPs optimize and accelerate their buying process, unlocking additional project financial returns. Our unmatched product data and technology quickly give you a full 360-degree view of the market and the best products currently available for your project. Led by a team with over 20 years of solar procurement experience and over 55 deployed battery energy storage systems, Anza empowers you to evaluate virtually every available product in a fraction of the time.

Anza Customer Benefits

Increase your project profit with tools to evaluate lifetime project value
See 20+ solar panel options in 20 seconds with insights from 95% of the U.S. market
Instantly compare PV panels using with financial, technical, and risk data
Instantly compare BESS configurations by install cost, capacity maintenance & total lifecycle costs
Reduce your procurement process by weeks and gain confidence in your decision

Why Customers Buy Through Anza

Hear from Anza customers and Malini Balakrishnan, Anza’s CTO, about how you can optimize your solar panel and BESS equipment selection and level up your procurement results through the Anza platform and our industry-leading data and analytics.

Customer Testimonials


Increase your viable product options.

Improve your financial returns.

You no longer need to wait weeks for data and manually analyze information, only to have a few options to choose from. With Anza, you will instantly see dozens of product options optimized to your project details and timeline. Use our structured data to rapidly filter options based on your commercial buying criteria, technical requirements and risk profile. See price and value calculations and product and supplier data. Anza helps you achieve better procurement outcomes by giving you the ability to select optimal equipment in less time that helps maximize profit.


Unlock real-time market insights.

Close more large-scale U.S. deals.

For the first time, there’s an online platform that provides solar PV and battery storage manufacturers with instant and continuous access to customer feedback about sales opportunities, wins, losses and competitive positioning. Through the Anza platform, you will gain valuable market and product insight, so you can match your sales opportunities and product availability — enabling you to close more deals faster.

Anza Resources & News

Anza’s solar procurement platform has gotten even better. With instant access to solar module technical risk data and financial details for over 95% of the U.S. module supply, buyers can now consider more vendor options in less time.

Anza introduced expanded capabilities that give buyers the ability to instantly organize and rank technical, commercial, supply chain, and risk-related data to select the ideal modules for solar projects.

Energy storage projects are complex, with many potential pitfalls, and energy storage procurement is no different. Our most recent updates to our storage procurement platform make it even easier for you to dramatically increase the efficiency of your procurement process while significantly improving the financial outcome.