The New Digital Marketplace for Large-Scale Solar and Battery Procurement

Quick, optimized procurement to help developers, IPPs, and EPCs find the best PV modules and battery equipment for their projects. This innovative new technology will transform how you buy solar modules and energy storage equipment for your large-scale projects. With the new Anza application, you can quickly compare your product options online, selecting from a comprehensive list of vetted, attractively priced PV modules and energy storage equipment. Our analytical engine will optimize your project, ranking the best options based on net present value — showing you the highest financial value for your project based on your project location, size, and timing. We’ll help you find the best equipment for your project every time, in a fraction of the time.

Anza Customer Benefits

Why Customers Buy Through Anza

Hear from Malini Balakrishnan, Anza’s CTO, and Anza customers about how this new solution can optimize your equipment selection and improve the way you buy solar modules and battery storage equipment.

Customer Testimonials

“When we had the choice to procure directly from a manufacturer or through Anza, we chose Anza because it provides more value. With Anza, I get better information, more diligence, a pre-negotiated contract I can trust, and a team that knows what they are talking about.”

—C.J. Colavito
VP of Engineering, Standard Solar

“Anza gives us access to the entire solar module market and information to make informed decisions for our projects. Because of Anza, I don’t need to hire additional procurement or engineering staff to support our module supply needs.”

Alejandro Fernandez
VP of Construction, Renewable Properties

“Anza allows us to quickly see the available products in the market and understand which product has the highest return on investment. This information is very valuable to us.”

—Taymaz Jahani
Chief Operating Officer, Oya Solar

“We procure modules through Anza for the painless pricing, the timely updates, the trust in the people we are purchasing from, and ultimately the company’s credibility. The Anza application provides a thorough understanding of all options in one view, as well as up-to-date trends in the market.”

—Christian Thompson
Construction Manager, Alchemy


Speed up project procurement.

Improve your project NPV. 

It’s time to ditch RFPs. Gone are the days of taking weeks to get additional product information, then analyzing documentation, only to have a few options to choose from. With Anza, you will quickly see a single list with dozens of pre-vetted product options that are optimized to your project size, location, and timeline. Anza puts you in control and gives you the ability to make decisions that maximize your project’s net present value.  

Enterprise-scale energy storage installation with solar panels

4 men work on-site at a parking lot solar energy installation

Unlock real-time market insights.

Close more large-scale U.S. deals.

For the first time, there’s a new online marketplace that provides solar and battery storage manufacturers with instant and continuous access to U.S. customer feedback about sales opportunities, wins, losses, and competitive positioning. Through the Anza application, you will gain insight into how much of your product is needed and when, so you can match your sales opportunities and product availability — enabling you to close more deals faster.

Anza News & Updates

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Borrego Transforms Large-Scale Solar and Energy Storage Procurement with Official Launch of Anza

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Learn how Anza can transform your solar & storage procurement.