Low-cost solar panels don’t often equal maximum financial value.

It no longer has to be a race to the bottom. The current process for buying solar modules, and to some degree energy storage equipment, is a fierce fight to find a low cost option that meets buying criteria. Anza is flipping the paradigm, offering you a different way to meet procurement objectives while increasing overall project profits and productivity.

How To Shop by Value

  • Align incentives among teams so everyone works together and is rewarded to maximize project profit.
  • Incorporate a full, 360-degree view to aid the buying decision incorporating price, upfront installation costs, operating costs, revenue, vendor risk data and contract terms.
  • Use Anza’s data & value optimization technology to view instant results based on your project inputs and unlock additional project returns.

Tools to Evaluate Value on a Full Lifecycle Basis

ANZA offering

PV Module Platform

Once you submit a project in the Anza platform, you’ll see 20+ solar panels available for your project delivered in a table. This table includes product details, price, balance of system (BOS) costs and production-related revenue and is ranked by the lowest Anza Effective $/Watt. Additionally, Anza customers have access to in-depth insights and Anza Risk RatingTM scoring on technical, supply chain, and counterparty information. This comprehensive market data and analytics helps you easily compare more options and select the module that will have the most value for your project.

ANZA offering

Energy Storage Platform

After you submit a battery project to Anza, you’ll see our recommended DC block and Power Conversion System (PCS) configurations and AC integrated products in a table. These configurations will be ranked in order of total life cycle cost. This is calculated by summing CapEx and operating costs, including preventative maintenance, augmentation install costs, and DC or AC block and PCS warranty costs. Operating costs include the optimal augmentation scenario for your project.