Anza’s BESS procurement platform puts you in control and helps you save significant time and money, providing you with the data and analytics to evaluate options market-wide. We show you many DC and AC-integrated BESS options, and provide information to compare options across commercial, technical and risk criteria.

Buyers can make energy storage equipment selections based on total lifecycle cost, including capacity maintenance, to make the best financial choice.

You also gain access to our deeply experienced technical team that has successfully executed over 55 BESS projects in the United States. Our team sits on your side of the table, from strategic sourcing and integration drawings to proactive problem solving and commissioning to deliver a battery system that works.


Know You’re Getting the Best Deal

Anza has supply agreements in place with many of the world’s leading DC and AC block and PCS providers. These agreements include competitive pricing, payment terms, extended warranties and preventative maintenance. Through our long-standing relationships and gigawatt-scale purchasing power, we can offer attractive pricing.


Gain a Savvy Technical Team

Anza’s energy storage leadership built the energy storage division at Borrego in 2016. Since then, our team has successfully purchased, integrated and overseen the installation and commissioning of over 55 energy storage projects. These projects range in size from 5 to 200 MWh. They include stand-alone storage, DC-coupled and AC-coupled architectures, and have incorporated products from nearly every major manufacturer.


Let Our Engine Do The Hard Work For You

Once you submit your project in the Anza platform, you’ll see our project-specific recommended battery energy storage system configurations. Our technology ranks options based on total life-cycle cost – instantly. As part of this calculation, we provide the optimal battery augmentation schedule for your project. From there, we empower you with comprehensive product due diligence data on the products and manufacturers to help you determine the best equipment for your project.


Unload the Logistics Management to Us

You’ve done the important part of selecting the optimal BESS equipment and flexing your negotiation skills. Now, leave the rest to us. Our Customer Success team will track and report on the status of all battery storage manufacturing, inspections, and deliveries. They work with you to promptly solve problems to ensure your project schedule stays intact. They manage the details, so you don’t have to.

Anza Features for Buyers

  • Search for BESS equipment for your specific project details and timeline.
  • See a list of available DC block and PCS configurations and AC blocks that our technology engine ranks by lifecycle cost, taking into account install cost, preventative maintenance, augmentation costs and extended warranties.
  • Compare manufacturers, product information, BESS prices, operating costs, and lifecycle cost on demand.
  • Receive email notifications whenpricing and availability change.
  • Edit engine input assumptions to dial in your energy storage recommendations, including preventative maintenance duration, product warranty duration and other system technical characteristics.
  • Evaluate your project’s capacity maintenance strategy via augmentation and overbuild options to minimize lifetime project costs.
  • Download the complete system summary data file to dive deeper into our analysis.
  • Upload and save an unlimited number of projects in the platform.