At Anza, we provide solar PV data, analytics, services, and market intelligence to help our clients with project optimization and procurement decision-making. Our deep supplier relationships, relevancy, and scale enable us to aggregate pricing, availability, and product and manufacturer data from across the market into a one-of-a-kind tool for solar module and energy storage buyers.

We compiled our platform median solar panel pricing data from more than 95% of the U.S. supply into a free quarterly pricing insights report. This trend data tells the story of the U.S. distributed generation solar module market’s last quarter. 

Solar panel price charts include:

  • Platform-wide median price data
  • Comparison data on TOPCon vs. Mono PERC module pricing
  • Tier 1 vs. Non-Tier 1 PV panel historical price information

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Example graph from Anza’s Solar Module Pricing Insights Report showing an 11% decline in solar module prices from February 2024 through May 2024.

How Anza can help you save time and money and reduce risk in your solar module procurement:

  • Get access to more suppliers, more products, and more data in the Anza ecosystem than you can on your own. 
  • Compare options market-wide and across commercial, risk, and technical dimensions to gain confidence in your procurement decision.
  • Increase your project profit by comparing options based on lifetime value using Anza’s Effective $/WTM analytics, not only price.
  • Accelerate contracting by seeing terms before selection and starting with buyer friendly Anza negotiated terms with all vendors on our platform.

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