We collect and structure solar PV and energy storage due diligence data, so you don’t have to.

As you know, the complexity of making a solar module or energy storage purchase decision has dramatically increased in recent times. Collecting all the needed data (if you can get it), making sense of it and using it to aid your decision making process is time consuming and hard work. Luckily, Anza simplifies this process for you by pre-collecting and organizing due diligence data and advice to speed up your decision making.

Solar Risk Reducing Process

Our structured risk assessments help you filter products and manufacturers during your decision-making process based on your risk tolerance and other buying criteria. We built our two decades of solar procurement experience into the platform and established our Anza Risk RatingTM scoring system so you can easily compare suppliers by UFLPA risk, AD/CVD risk, and counterparty retrade risk. Now you and your team can spend less time collecting data and consider additional suppliers you would’ve otherwise missed that can have better financial value. This layered with shopping by Anza’s Effective $/WTM, leads to your most optimized module choice.

PAN File Analysis

Anza undergoes a rigorous vetting process of manufacturer and third-party PAN files for every solar module in our platform. Our engineers assess whether PAN file data and electrical characteristics match the datasheet, whether third-party testing used IEC testing protocols and if simulated data matches testing data. Then the team determines the most accurate production modeling inputs for a given module. The Anza PAN file gives buyers the most accurate yield prediction that withstands independent engineer scrutiny.


Storage Due Diligence

All energy storage products in our platform have passed through Anza’s in-depth technical due diligence process, which includes factory visits and assessments. We draw on our experience of vetting, sourcing, designing, overseeing installation and commissioning over 55 battery projects covering standalone, DC-coupled and AC-coupled architectures for a wide range of products.