You can maximize project profits by selecting modules using Anza’s Effective $/WTM.

Solar module buyers now have a tool to rapidly assess the total financial impacts of their module selection. Anza’s engine calculates the Effective $/Watt for every PV panel option instantly so buyers can compare and select modules based on total value. Anza’s Effective $/W, combined with your risk, technical and commercial requirements, leads to the best module choice.

Log in to the Anza platform to see the Effective $/W calculations for your project.

The lower the Effective $/W, the more value you create for your project. To fully understand the Effective $/Watt concept, see the definitions of its components below.

Balance of System (BOS) Savings

The BOS Savings represent the delta in the module installation, racking, foundation, and DC wiring costs between a specific module and the Reference Module. This value takes into account local labor and material costs as well as the racking type. The unit is $/Watt.

Production Benefit

The Production Benefit is the delta in the present value of the project revenue between a specific module and the Reference Module as a result of variations in performance and degradation. This value takes into account the Energy Value or PPA Rate, Discount Rate, Project Term and ITC value. The unit is $/Watt.

Anza Reference Module

The Anza Reference Module is a theoretical module with median BOS costs and median performance. The BOS Savings and Production Benefit listed for a specific module in the ranking table are deltas between the specific module and the reference module.

Purchase Price

Purchase Price is the sales price of the module, including estimated delivery to the project site and Anza fees, excluding sales tax.