How to Reduce Risk in Module Selection

We hope our latest webinar, How to Reduce Risk In Module Selection, gives you some valuable insights into the non-price risk factors you’ll want to consider in your next purchase decision to minimize negative impacts.

In this webinar, we answered these key questions:

  • What requirements do tax equity providers have to finance a specific module?
  • What questions need to be answered to understand UFLPA and AD/CVD risks?
  • What contract terms most protect buyers from trade, product and manufacturer risks?
  • What third-party testing & processes are used to support module bankability?
  • What module data is used & what steps are performed to determine defendable system production?
  • How can module & racking compatibility be ensured?

At Anza, we’re committed to delivering value—flipping the script on the traditionally slow and risky procurement process by providing a quick way to see a value-ranked list of the best equipment options for your project. Our easy-to-use app provides our customers with a wide pool of competitively priced options, all with pre-negotiated contracts and SPAs to lock in orders when they’re needed.

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