How to Evaluate Solar Module PAN Files | Solar Builder

We’re happy to share that our own Anza President Aaron Hall is featured in the Q2 issue of Solar Builder magazine alongside the Anza Engine product owner, Scott Meredith. The two tackle the major risks that arise when you don’t evaluate PAN files thoroughly. Learn more about how to avoid PAN-demonium and ensure your solar projects realize their full potential.

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Production models are important indicators for solar project performance and, ultimately, revenue. Financiers hire independent engineers (IE) to evaluate production models from developers and independent power producers (IPPs) to make critical funding decisions. Developers and IPPs planning to own long-term projects also evaluate production models to assess module choices beyond initial cost to determine which will ultimately deliver the most value over a project’s life cycle.

Production models rely on PAN files to capture the attributes of a module that will impact its performance. Having accurate module data in these files is key for generating quality performance estimates. Unfortunately, PAN files are too often taken at face value, without sufficient evaluation of the supporting data or an analysis of how well the PAN file fits the information. It’s essential that solar project stakeholders realize the disparities in PAN files, understand how variable data can directly impact performance models, and take steps to evaluate PAN file bankability as thoroughly as possible.

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