Lodestar Energy Cuts Procurement Costs, Reduces Information Gathering & Negotiating Time by 50% with Anza

As a developer of commercial and public sector DG solar and ESS projects, Lodestar serves clients across New England from their headquarters in Avon, CT. Since 2014, they have developed and financed over $300 million and completed 40 solar projects totaling 110 MW. Massive supply-chain delays in the last couple of years, often exceeding a year or longer, have presented unprecedented challenges for AC equipment and solar module buyers like Lodestar. To procure from vetted bankable suppliers at the most competitive prices, negotiation and due diligence elongated the sale to equipment delivery cycle even more. In 2021, Lodestar put the Anza platform to the test by running a side-by-side comparison against their current bidding and due diligence processes. The first project trialed was 3 MW fixed-tilt ground mount in Winchester, CT. The trial was a success, and multiple purchases have been made since then. With Anza, Lodestar secured the most competitive prices and reduced their information gathering phase and negotiating time by 50 percent.

The Challenge

Module supply chain lead times of up to 30-40 weeks are making it more challenging to meet growing project demand while ensuring timely construction starts. Doing so with an eye on cost control and maximizing project profit makes the task even more demanding. Lodestar’s procurement team was searching for ways to shorten the time from module purchase to equipment delivery. To speed up due diligence and price negotiation they turned to Anza, using the platform to vet manufacturers and products and to manage the shortlist price negotiation.

The Solution

In 2021 and 2022, Lodestar used the Anza platform to procure 32 MW of modules for eight solar projects. In each case, the developer also went directly to manufacturers seeking the most competitive pricing. Anza’s pricing always prevailed. Plus, with Anza, procurement time was reduced by 50 percent or two to four weeks. Lodestar acknowledges that Anza is revolutionizing solar and ESS equipment procurement. Rather than buying direct from manufacturers, through Anza they save time, get better pricing, and make more informed decisions – all from a team they trust.

“Anza is a breakthrough innovation that is changing how solar and ESS procurement works. In today’s high-growth solar and ESS markets, where long supply chain lead times are problematic, traditional direct-to-manufacturer RFP pricing quotation and due diligence processes take too long. With Anza, we win with competitive pricing and optimized modules from bankable manufacturers. Our due diligence process and supplier negotiation can be completed more quickly, leading to faster module delivery, and completed projects.”

Ryan Christie, Director of Asset Management
and Construction, Lodestar Energy

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