New Data From Anza Shows Solar Module Pricing Lifts After Years of Record Lows

Pricing insights from 95% of U.S. Solar Module Market signal impact of AD/CVD petition and import duties

Oakland, Calif — June 11, 2024—Today, Anza, a leading solar and energy storage supply chain platform, unveiled its Q2 Pricing Insights Report on the U.S. solar module market. Powered by the industry’s largest database of real price quotes, the report aggregates data from 95% of the U.S. solar module supply year to date to shed light on the cost landscape and its intersection with market forces and regulatory changes. This quarter’s report highlights the first price increase in years from some suppliers in response to the latest Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Duty (AD/CVD) petition and the reinstatement of bifacial import duties.

“After years of record low pricing, we’re seeing the market start to rebound as domestic manufacturers have less pricing pressure from foreign producers that are subject to tariffs,” said Mike Hall, CEO of Anza. “We’re expecting to see this upward price trend continue from here, making it critical for new projects to consider current pricing and potential tariff impacts when sourcing materials.”

Anza’s quarterly Pricing Insights report was created to give developers, IPPs, EPCs, utilities, and investors better, faster access to data to optimize buying decisions that drive long-term project value. Anza’s Insights Report highlights ongoing data-driven trends in the solar module market that have traditionally been siloed or hard to access, including the impact of competition, shifting costs in solar cell technology, and the impacts of government incentive programs and international tariffs. For buyers looking to navigate federal import rules, Anza’s data provides critical context to help buyers secure the best deals and make informed purchasing decisions.

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