Anza’s Storage Platform Provides a One-Of-A-Kind Tool to Minimize Lifecycle Costs

Energy storage projects are complex, with many potential pitfalls, and energy storage procurement is no different. At Anza, our goal is to help you through this complexity and provide clarity on how to make the best purchase decision. Anza’s procurement philosophy is to cast a wide net and evaluate all potential options comprehensively in parallel. We’ve aggregated the data and built technology you can use to dramatically increase the efficiency of your procurement process while significantly improving the financial outcome.

We approached our latest platform update with this approach in mind. You may already know Anza’s app as a tool that minimizes your project’s energy storage costs through direct procurement. But now, our latest update helps you increase your project’s financial value by assessing the total lifecycle costs of each system you’re evaluating. The most important aspect of this analysis is that we run thousands of capacity maintenance strategies specific to your project and recommend the most optimal solution based on your needs. Moreover, all this is done instantly, powered by our technology engine.

What Has Changed in the Latest Anza Platform Update?

When submitting projects previously, the app was focused primarily on CapEx, or beginning of life costs, allowing you to select the best integrated systems based on the initial investment. We’ve now incorporated operating costs into our app experience, along with augmentation analysis, enabling you to evaluate your BESS configurations based on total lifecycle cost, not just the initial upfront investment. This complete picture was available offline and is now at your fingertips in the app. Below are more details on the calculations now ready for you to use:

Lifecycle Costs
Deep dive into this tab to better understand the cost drivers for each system architecture you are considering. Want to account for your own O&M figures or pay for PCS extended warranty only through the first ten years of your project? No problem. Adjust the Advanced Inputs in the project details drawer.

BOL Architecture
In our latest update, we allow you to take the next steps in evaluating each proposed solution by better understanding the beginning of life architecture. Toggle to this view with your engineering team and update your dispatch model accordingly to see how each system configuration will influence your project revenues. 

Capacity Maintenance
At Anza, we recognize that each project’s needs are distinct, so while our engine now provides you with the optimal capacity maintenance strategy for each ranked system in your project, we enable you to dig deeper. Click on the System Summary for your preferred system and explore the top five ranked augmentation and overbuild strategies. 

How do you calculate the total lifecycle cost?

Total lifecycle costs are calculated by aggregating capital and operating expenditures. By including the operating costs, we’re ensuring that you’re able to see the full picture of your investment. Operating costs include:

  • DC block & PCS warranty costs
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Augmentation costs

You can explore more options than ever before, including overbuilding or adding extra capacity for battery augmentation. 

Why partner with Anza?

You already know that evaluating your equipment purchase by total lifecycle costs is essential to your overall business success, but this analysis is complicated. It could be challenging to do it on your own based on limitations of time, people power, the tools at your disposal, and the ability to get data from vendors. That’s why Anza has continued to upgrade our proprietary platform to support you in obtaining this critical information to make the best possible purchases.

Besides the financial analysis, our expert team is on your side, ready to help you determine what configuration best matches your risk profile and price target. You benefit from our team’s system due diligence and practical application of storage products across the U.S. After purchase, our Customer Success team is ready to handle your logistics, so you don’t have to, and our Systems Engineering team will ensure your implementation is a success from design to commercial operation.

Anza works differently, period. Our direct procurement model provides your organization access to more options, vetted information at your fingertips, and superior pricing, giving you more control and flexibility in your BESS purchase. Stop writing blank checks for a “full wrap”; we give you the information you need to make informed decisions and mitigate your project risk. Check out our Energy Storage web page to learn more about our BESS procurement model, including its services and benefits. 

We hope that you’re as excited about these updates as we are for you to see them. Ready to test it out for yourself?