A novel approach to energy storage integration that starts with a DC-integrated battery and saves significant time and cost

Historically, energy storage buyers relied on legacy integrators to purchase and integrate ESS sub-components directly from manufacturers because it was the most convenient option, or in some cases, the buyer lacked internal technical resources to perform low-level integration (i.e., component selection, CFD analysis, PLC design, etc.). This traditional approach to energy storage procurement comes with disadvantages, some more detrimental than others. Taking the integrator route can result in reduced supplier options, expensive surcharges and the removal of direct lines of communication with vendors. 

The drawbacks of working with integrators make buying directly from cell manufacturers seem ideal, but buying direct and integrating components on your own has its own complex hurdles. Individually sourcing a battery cabinet (DC Block), power conversion system (PCS) and energy management system (EMS) and successfully deploying these components for your project requires extensive research, relationship-building and negotiation, and is usually only possible with in-house engineering and supply chain teams or external consultants. 

Making the best purchase decision shouldn’t be this complicated. Buyers deserve energy storage product flexibility and a more cost-effective solution, no matter if it’s a commercial or utility-scale battery storage project. That’s why our procurement philosophy has always been to cast a wide net and comprehensively evaluate all potential options, including DC and AC-integrated products. It’s also why we want to tell you more about sourcing DC-integrated Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) products with Anza’s help, which can dramatically increase the efficiency of your procurement process while significantly improving the financial outcome. 

Providing greater value while mitigating risk.

Our platform pairs extensive energy storage system data with a robust technology engine from decades of procurement and implementation expertise. By matching containerized DC battery products from the world’s leading cell manufacturers with the most appropriate PCS and EMS, our solution ranks, compares and negotiates prices from the top battery suppliers. A thorough analysis determines the best (technology-agnostic) products to source based on total lifecycle costs and the ideal capacity maintenance, offering product flexibility and choice for enhanced energy performance. Each unique project is evaluated with individual BESS components to optimize purchasing for the best long-term value. Ultimately, buyers see more and better options faster than ever and are empowered to make the best decision for their specific project needs. The same goes for aggregated models – we provide complementary AC-integrated options to ensure every storage project benefits from its own unique solution.  

From a risk perspective, the DC-integrated product suppliers that are part of the Anza platform have stronger balance sheets than legacy integrators, making warranty claims and long-term service agreements much more meaningful. In addition, our technical team of experts supports you from sourcing to commissioning, mitigating risk from a product, integration and implementation perspective. 

What do you get working with Anza? 

Better prices, start to finish: Our pricing is approximately 20-30% less than legacy integrators. BESS configurations are ranked by lifecycle costs, so you know upfront that you’re getting the best long-term value before signing any papers. 

Direct procurement, without the risk:  With more options on major components, supplier concentration risk is reduced. Additionally, our engineering team conducts a comprehensive design review to confirm every component  – DC block, PCS and EMS – operates efficiently as a unit. We also only work with trusted EMS vendors who offer advanced predictive technology that detects problems before they start and can pinpoint issues when they occur within the battery system. Then, they’ll collaborate with other vendors to determine a solution.

Technical experts advocating for you: Our team of procurement and engineering professionals strategically source, engineer, oversee and commission the entire procurement integration process to ensure you receive a battery system that works best for you. We jumpstart the contracting process by negotiating initial terms that align with complex commercial, technical and service requirements for your use case. The relationships we have with our suppliers, coupled with the high flow of projects through our platform, grant us access to a superior quantity and quality of degradation and capacity curve data and better payment terms, long-term service agreements, warranties and more.

Help when you need it: We create master supply agreements with pre-negotiated terms and custom-negotiated warranties, then transition it over to you. We ensure you have a direct line of recourse and communication with the manufacturers from the get-go. Anza wants to be an extension of your team, not a middleman. We believe in the power of direct ownership and relationships with OEMs. By giving you control, you can effectively navigate each phase of your project, from sourcing to commissioning through operation.

Buying DC or AC-integrated BESS solutions with Anza’s support takes the best of buying direct and using an integrator while diminishing the drawbacks. Buyers are granted back their purchasing power and can rely on the experience and technical expertise of Anza to help them confidently check every box for financial, technical, and risk criteria. 

Are you ready to take a step toward buying direct with the full support of Anza’s data, technology and team on your side? Contact us to learn more